Golden Mile Track Surfaces

Golden Mile Track Surfaces

There are a range of Golden Mile track surfaces that can be installed to help improve children's athletics.

Advantages of a Daily Mile Track

Advantages of a Daily Mile Track

There are a number of advantages of a daily mile track, including improving kids' fitness and your Ofsted Report.

Rubber Daily Mile

Rubber Daily Mile

People often choose to have a rubber daily mile, as these can help relieve pressure from the joints and can help you run more easily.

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Golden Mile Track Surfaces

Many schools are choosing to have Golden Mile Track surfaces installed in their facility, this is because they have heard about all the benefits related to having one fitted.

When taking part in The Daily Mile, kids have to spend an allocated period of time per day doing one mile of physical activity.

The kids can choose to run or walk the distance around a selected outdoor space at the primary school. It is done to improve the health and wellbeing of the kids.

Due to the strategy being so straightforward, it is becoming a popular topic with lots of schools. The walk can be completed in 15 minutes at a teacher’s specified time of the day.

Daily mile tracks can be installed around artificial grass or with artificial grass if required - 

Spending time in an outdoor space also offers valuable benefits for the children. Primary schools won't need to pay for any kind of equipment or features so there aren't any extra worries in relation to expense.

There's no need for youngsters to believe they are inferior because everyone who participates is going to be motivated to be successful.

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What is a Schools Golden Mile?

A schools Golden Mile is a new program which has been set up to improve health and fitness levels in school children. The scheme is to get children, teachers and parents involved in walking or running one mile per day.

Since this program has been set up, a lot of teachers have noticed the improvements of their student’s fitness levels and also their improved concentration levels.

This is because some children find it difficult to concentrate in a classroom, so adding this means they are doing better in their lessons.

Costs to Build a Daily Mile Track Near Me

The costs to build a Daily Mile Track will vary depending on the size you require, the type of surface you want and the amount of preparation work which is needed.

If you would like to know more about the prices involved with the construction of this, we will be able to provide you with prices.

This is not a cross country race, PE or a competition. Children are taking part to further improve their physical fitness and emotional wellbeing. By participating in the mile each day in school, kids and parents will discover loads of advancements with health and fitness.

Since there are enhanced concentration levels, kids are better equipped to understand and be aware in educational classes.

The entire intention will be to make it a social activity for children and teachers to interact and have fun.

Advantages of having a Daily Mile at your School

There are many advantages of having a Daily Mile at your school and the main reasons are that primary schools who have been taking part in this program have noticed greater fitness levels along with an improvement in children’s levels of concentration in lessons.

From the higher levels of attentiveness at primary school, kids are equipped to learn far more productively which makes them far more likely to succeed.

Just about all educational organisations such as nurseries and primary schools can take part because it isn't limited to any kind of age group.

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Types of School Track Surfaces Near Me

There are different types of school track surfaces nearby which our local team could install for you.

When deciding about the type of surfacing which you would like, you should look at what your current surfacing is and the budget which you have available. Once we know this information, we can provide you with costs for this.

The most popular track surfaces are below:

  • Rubber Mulch – – this can be installed over many existing surfaces and is commonly seen in play areas because of its safety surface qualities.
  • Wetpour – This is also seen in playgrounds because it's a safety surfaces which is available in a range of colours. It has to be installed over a specificaied sub base or tarmac so it is not suitable for everyone.
  • Premium Anti-Slip Paint- this can be applied to a clean tarmac surface and is available in a range of colours.

Golden Mile Track Costs

Golden Mile costs is important because you need to see what budget you have available and we'll let you know the prices.

It's crucial to make certain that kids have a chance to enjoy physical activities as a way of decreasing obesity levels. Even so the scheme isn't accomplished as part of physical education courses, it's deemed an additional activity performed every single day.

The intention of this to give pupils better social health, physical fitness and general well-being.

The mile could very well be completed in primary schools in surrounding areas by the parents and teachers also and is not just suitable for the children.

As The Daily Mile is such a straightforward pursuit, it's actually available to children of every age and personal background.

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